1) Why is an Airport pick up from an International flight more expensive than a pick up from a Domestic flight?

International flights involve a Customs check, these can increase the waiting time from one to two hours. 

2) What is a transfer?

A transfer is the transporting of passenger from one pick up point to on designated location and charge a fixed fee. 

3) What is “as directed”?

The limousine driver will take the passenger anywhere they direct and charge according to the time spent. 

4) What is the additional cost if my wedding goes over the 3 hours contracted?

Depending on the car, you will be charged by the hour as long as the car is available. The car may not be available after the contracted 3 hours as it could be rented to another party and not be available for additional time. 

5) How do I contact my driver?

Your driver will give you his cell phone, or you can call the office, and we will contact the driver for you.

6) Can I pay cash to the driver?

Yes, drivers are authorized to accept cash. 

7) Can I pay by check?

Yes, but our office will have to have received the check 2 weeks prior to the rental. 

8) Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can either call our office or come in person. 

9) Do you service outside of the Miami Dade county area?

Yes. However, there are exceptions and extra fees that will apply. Antique Classic car service is only available in the Miami Dade County area. For service outside of the Miami Dade County area, extra fees will apply. Please contact us for more information.